0 - 5V Servo Motor Controller



  • <LI>Microcontroller based design for greater flexibility and ease of control
  • <LI>Single Servo control via clearly marked Relimate Connector
  • <LI>Clearly marked jumper to select signal source to control the Servo
  • <LI>Onboard preset for ready to control option for this kit
  • <LI>Power-on LED indicator
  • <LI>Diode protection for reverse polarity connection of DC supply to the PCB
  • <LI>Four mounting holes of 3.2 mm each
  • <LI>PCB dimensions 32 mm x 47 mm

Product Description

This 0 - 5V Servo Motor Controller kit will control a hobby type servo motor connected to it via a preset or external DC source. This kit will be ideal add on in animatronics and motion control application.

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