200KHz Sine / 1MHz Square Function Generator

200KHz Sine / 1MHz Square Function Generator (Assembled)


  • Supply voltage: 12V AC Adapter or Transformer
  • Frequency range: Approx. 10Hz to 200KHz (in four ranges)
  • Two RCA jack outputs:
  • Sine & Triangle
  • Square & Pulse
  • Amplitude and frequency controls for Sine and Triangle waveforms
  • Negative and positive pulse width controls for Square / Pulse waveforms
  • Full swing and upper half swing selection for Square / Pulse waveforms
  • Maximum output amplitude:;
  • Sine & Triangle: 6Vpp (adjustable)
  • Square & Pulse: 12Vpp (fixed)
  • Excellent frequency stability
  • Low sine wave distortion (typically 0.5%)
  • PC board dimensions: 4.70" x 2.08"

Product Description

This function generator is an indispensable piece of test equipment for any electronic technician or hobbyist. Its design is based on the popular XR2206 monolithic function generator Integrated Circuit capable of producing high quality sine, square (or pulse), and triangle waveforms. The function generator operates over four overlapping frequency ranges: 10Hz to 200Hz, 100Hz to 2KHz, 1KHz to 20KHz, and 10KHz to 200KHz. In each range setting, you can adjust the desired frequency and amplitude.

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