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50A Motor Speed Controller (PWM)

50A Motor Speed Controller (PWM)

by CanaKit

  • Supply / load voltage: 9 to 24V DC (12V DC recommended)
  • Optional LCD Module
  • Soft-Start Feature
  • Maximum continuous current : 50A @ 100Hz
  • Frequency:
  • Fixed (100Hz)
  • Adjustable (244 Hz to 3.125 KHz)
  • PWM Duty Cycle range: 0% - 100%
  • High efficient design using High-Power MOSFET for cool operation
  • Includes large double spade terminals for ease of wiring connections
  • Includes heatsink
  • Includes 12V DC fan, Includes knobs

Product Description
Control the speed of a DC motor without sacrificing torque. This Pulse-Width-Modulation (PWM) DC motor controller can provide up to a maximum continuous current of 50A to your DC motor or other DC load thanks to a digital microcontroller based (PIC) design and highly efficient High-Power MOSFET for cooler operation.

An optional LCD module (CanaKit part # LCD1133) is also available that will precisely indicate the currently set frequency and duty cycle for accurate control of the PWM signal.

The controller has two modes of operation: Fixed or Variable frequency. The fixed frequency mode of operation runs the controller at 100 Hz. In the variable frequency mode of operation, the frequency is adjustable from 244 Hz to 3.125 KHz. Duty cycle is fully adjustable from 0% to 100% in both modes.

The controller also offers built-in soft-start feature that greatly reduces the mechanical stress on the motor as well as the electrodynamic stress on the attached cables and battery therefore extending the life span of the whole system. When power is connected to the circuit, the duty cycle will start from 0% and go up to the preset value in about 1 to 1.5 seconds.

A 12V DC fan is included with the motor controller for robust reliable continued operation under heavy loads. Please note that DC fan is only designed to work with a supply voltage of up to 12V DC.

Applications: Motor Control, HHO, DC / LED Light Dimmer, Heating Control, etc.

Dimensions: 4.03" x 2.82"