Automatic Tape Recorder Controller for Telephone



  • <LI>Supply voltage: 9V DC or 12V AC C.T. (2 x 6V AC) / 100mA
  • <LI>Can be connected to any telephone outlet in your home or office
  • <LI>Power consumption: < 3mA (stand-by mode)
  • <LI>Includes all cables and connectors
  • <LI>PC board dimensions: 3.24" x 1.48"

Product Description

This circuit controls a tape recorder to automatically record telephone conversations in your home or office. It can be connected between any tape recorder with a "REM" (remote) input and the telephone line. It starts recording automatically when the phone is answered, recording both sides of the conversation and stops recording when the phone is hung-up. It includes all cables and connectors.

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