CanaKit 5A USB-C Power Supply with PD for the Raspberry Pi 5



  • CanaKit USB-C Power Supply for the Raspberry Pi 5
  • Power Delivery (PD) Support up to 45W
  • Includes noise filter for added stability
  • Thick and insulated cable (5ft length)

Product Description

The CanaKit 45W USB-C PD Power Supply for the Raspberry Pi 5.

Compatible with the all new Raspberry Pi 5, and also compatible for charging any mobile phone or tablet with USB-C charging port.

The power supply supports the typical 27W (5V, 5A) power supply that the Raspberry Pi 5 typically uses and all the way up to 45W of power. This provides higher maximum power support for external devices as well as additional Power Delivery modes if used with other devices such as "Super Fast Charging" mode for mobile phones, and makes for an excellent general purpose high powered USB-C power supply. The thick insulated cable and noise filter provides added stability.

Compatible with Raspberry Pi 4 and Raspberry Pi 5.

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