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Cyclic (Repeat) PIC Digital Timer with Relay (1 to 15 Sec/Min/Hour)

Cyclic (Repeat) PIC Digital Timer with Relay (1 to 15 Sec/Min/Hour)

by CanaKit

  • Supply voltage: 12V DC / 100 mA
  • Output relay: 10A / 110V AC or 24V DC (5A 220V AC)
  • On and Off times independently adjustable from 1 to 15 seconds, minutes or hours
  • Screw-terminals for relay terminals
  • Based on a PIC microcontroller
  • Dimensions: 2.34" x 2.21"

Product Description
This PIC digital timer is precision cyclic (repeating On-Off-On-Off) timer based on a custom programmed Microchip PIC16F630 PIC Microcontroller that ensures a high degree of accuracy and flexibility. The timer allows both the On and Off periods to be set independently to a precise value through a set of DIP switches.

Each DIP switch can be set to a value of 1 through 15 and can be configured to be in Seconds, Minutes, or Hours. As an example, the On period can be set to Seconds, and the Off period can be set to Hours. The On DIP switch can then be set to a value of 10, and the Off DIP switch to a value of 2, resulting in the timer being activated for 10 seconds, every 2 hours indefinitely.

The timer incorporates a 10A (110V AC or 24V DC) relay as well as a DC adapter jack and screw-on terminal blocks for easy wiring of the relay contacts.

A custom case with silk-screened panels is also available under CanaKit part # BX670CY.