Dynamic Microphone Amplifier

Dynamic Microphone Amplifier (Kit)
Dynamic Microphone Amplifier (Assembled)


  • Supply voltage: 9V battery or 6 - 14V DC / 200mA
  • Includes 9V battery snap, microphone jack, and volume control
  • Output power: 0.5W Max.
  • Input sensitivity: 2 to 5mV (dynamic microphone)
  • Dimensions: 2.00" X 1.54"

Product Description

This circuit is a dynamic microphone amplifier that can be directly connected to a speaker or be connected to the inputs of a power amplifier such as our CK193 / UK193 for greater power. Its design is based on the popular LM386 Integrated Circuit and therefore it is a great circuit for beginners to electronics. The circuit integrates a PC board mounted microphone jack for easy connection to the microphone.

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