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Raspberry Pi Zero Aluminum Case - Silver and Black

by CanaKit
Price: $16.95

  • Chassis made from aluminum
  • Self-cooling with built in heat sink and thermal pad
  • Secondary cover included for GPIO access

Product Description
The perfect home for your new Raspberry Pi Zero in this case by Flirc. Made of a beautiful aluminum and a heat sink core that is sandwiched between two black, soft touch shells shells.

The case is designed specifically to deal with the high temperatures of the Raspberry Pi Zero under extreme loads in high ambient conditions.

Includes an Arctic Cool thermal transfer pad for thermal transfer from the Pi Zero to the case chassis to reduce heat.

Compatible with all version of Pi Zero.


- Flirc Pi Zero Aluminum Case
- Arctic Cool Thermal Transfer Pad
- 4 Screws
- Secondary Lid for GPIO Access
- Keychain