IQaudio DAC Pro

Raspberry Pi  |  SKU: IQ-DACPRO


  • Texa Instruments PCM5242
  • Includes headphone socket
  • HAT add-on for the Raspberry Pi 3 or Pi 4

Product Description

The DAC PRO users the Texas Instruments PCM5242 to deliver outstanding Signal to Noise Ration and supports Balanced / Differential out in parallel to Phono / RCA line level output. It also includes a dedicated headphone amplifier.

The DAC PRO can be connected to the Raspberry Pi A+/B+/RPi2/RPi3 or PRi4’s 40way pin header without any additional soldering. The DAC PRO is powered by the Raspberry Pi.

Component selection and track layout have been in the forefront of our design to ensure noise immunity and best possible audio playback with the DAC PRO.

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