Raspberry Pi HQ Camera Kit with Telescopic and Wide Angle Lens

Raspberry Pi  |  SKU: RSP-CAM-HQ-KIT


  • Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera
  • Raspberry Pi HQ Camera Lens - Telephoto
  • Raspberry Pi HQ Camera Lens - Wide Angle

Product Description

This kit includes the Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera Megapixel as well as the Official Raspberry Pi HQ Camera Telephoto Lens and the Official Raspberry Pi HQ Camera Wide Angle Lens.

The Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera is the latest camera accessory from Raspberry Pi. It offers higher resolution (12 megapixels, compared to 8 megapixels), and sensitivity (approximately 50% greater area per pixel for improved low-light performance) than the existing Camera Module v2, and is designed to work with interchangeable lenses in both C- and CS-mountform factors. Other lens form factors can be accommodated using third-party lens adapters.

The High Quality Camera provides an alternative to the Camera Module v2 for industrial and consumer applications, including security cameras, which require the highest levels of visual fidelity and/or integration with specialist optics. It is compatible with all models of Raspberry Pi computerfrom Raspberry Pi 1 Model B onwards, using the latest software release from www.raspberrypi.org .

Telescopic Lens Specifications

Resolution: 10 Megapixel
Image Format: 1"
Focal Length: 16mm
Aperture: F1. 4-16
Mount: C
Back Focal Length: 17.53mm
Optical Length: 67.53mm
Weigh: 133.7g

Wide Angle Lens Specifications

Focal Length: 6 MM
Resolution: 3 Megapixel
Aperture: F1.2
Field Angle: 63 Degrees

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