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Synthesized PLL Stereo FM Transmitter

Synthesized PLL Stereo FM Transmitter

by CanaKit
Assembled with Case

Product Description
The UX400 is a high quality stereo FM transmitter incorporating a Phase-Locked-Loop (PLL) synthesizer offering rock-solid frequency stability with outstanding sound quality.

The transmitter offers a choice of 7 frequencies on the high FM band or 7 frequencies on the low FM band, selectable though an easy to change DIP switch.

The UX400 is ideal for personal use in your home or office to transmit songs from your computer to any standard FM radio.

It can also be connected to any other audio source via the 3.5mm audio line input. The transmitter incorporates an audio input jack as well as a pass-through audio output jack and comes complete with a stereo audio cable for easy connection to your audio source.