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Universal 1-Hour Start/Stop Timer

Universal 1-Hour Start/Stop Timer

by CanaKit

  • <LI>Supply voltage: 12V Regulated or 9V Unregulated DC Adapter</LI>
  • <LI>Time adjustable from 1 second to 60 minutes</LI>
  • <LI>Output Relay:
  • Maximum 3A at 110V AC or 24V DC
  • Maximum 1.5A at 220V AC</LI>
  • <LI>PC board dimensions: 2.34" x 2.25"</LI>

Product Description
This kit is a timer with unlimited applications. It is adjustable from about 1 second to 60 minutes. It includes a relay which can handle loads of up to 3A / 110V AC or 24V DC and Start/Stop push button switches. The time interval is set through a PCB mounted variable resistor.